Women Backing Women: A-Z of Angel Investing Workshop

Many of the UK’s founders are bringing brilliant ideas and solutions to address the varied challenges we face each day and need investment and support to make their innovations a reality.

Angel investment plays a vital role in helping innovators build and grow their businesses, and notably is one of the most significant sources of early-stage finance. However, the proportion of women across the UK who are actively investing in leading innovators remains quite low. In fact, only 15-18% of angel investors are women, which is something we continually seek to improve.

Being part of the growth journey of an entrepreneur is exciting, challenging, incredibly rewarding, and most importantly, essential for wider economic growth. We know that women who are actively investing have a portfolio made up of about 30-50% of women-led teams, with some women investing exclusively in women entrepreneurs. With this in mind, we feel there is a direct correlation between increasing the number of women investors resulting in more equity capital being invested into women founders.

To ensure many more women across the UK have the chance to be part of this type of inspiring journey and in order to support more women on their journey of angel investing, we are leading a new Women Backing Women Campaign as part of the Women Angel Investment Task Force set up under the Alison Rose Review. 

Presented as the first in the series of A-Z of Angel Investing for Women workshops under the Women Backing Women campaign, UKBAA’s Executive Chair, Jenny Tooth OBE, hosted a virtual workshop to spotlight the incredible opportunity for backing leading entrepreneurs. During this webinar, Jenny explored the angel process, looked at how to evaluate a deal, the benefits of joining a syndicate, how to take advantage of the tax breaks, and much more. 

We were also thrilled to be joined by Sarah Turner, Co-Founder of Angel Academe to discuss why more women should be investing and the importance of joining an angel group. Together, Sarah and Jenny looked at figuring out what syndicate will be the best fit, why inclusive angel groups are so important, pinpointing personal skills you can apply to a deal, and answered an array of questions from the audience.

Be sure to check out the full recording below: 

If you are new to angel investing check out our Effective Investor eLearning course, which will take you through the full angel journey. Make sure you also head to the UKBAA membership directory to learn more about angel syndicates that might be of interest to you. 


By UKBAA25 May 2022