GWC leads a £12m investment into Lontra

Investors in this round: GWC network

The GWC network has invested £12m into Lontra. This is a growth round to fund the production of compressors for commercial sale after the appointment of US distributors. This round was matched by the SYMCA which has invested some £7m via grants and loans.

Lontra has developed an air compressor that consumes 30% less energy, is more reliable, has a longer lifetime and requires less servicing that existing compressors. It is estimated that 10% of European electricity is consumed by air compressors. Lontra’s technology is also very applicable to heat pumps.

This is a great example of a disruptive technology that has the potential to disrupt its market sector.

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GWC leads a £12m investment into Lontra

GWC leads a £12m investment into Lontra

By Greenwood Way Capital11 May 2022