Stakeholderz latest news and key achievements

With an active angel investor community of over 1200, Stakeholderz is becoming a well-recognised cluster for the great UK angel investors.

We are also starting to see ventures complete their exits. We have just realised our first exit, a company in the IoT sector and a 5 – 8x return to Stakeholderz investors, in just 3.5 years and this was our first ever published deal!

This year through our platform, Stakeholderz angel investors invested in three start-ups from different tech sectors, which include SaaS, AI, and medical devices.

Our Investor Readiness program, where we provide Founders with customized services to make them investor-ready, has gotten off to an amazing start and we are already working with some amazing start-ups. Additionally, we have our Thought Leadership and Event Engagement programmes in place that will help enlighten and educate not just seasoned investors but also new angel investors and entrepreneurs.

Lastly, we are nearing the announcement of Founders Day for our newly formed syndicate.

See what others have to say about us:

Oliver Rothschild: “Your platform looks very interesting. Right place and the right time.”

Amir Anzur: “Stakeholderz is dominating the UK and in particular the London market. They are building an incredible community and are a platform that will create wealth for many in the British and global economy.”

Jenny Robinson: “The future of the UK economy relies on fledgling ideas coming to commercial fruition. Stakeholderz offers a unique service helping innovative business people find the financial backing they deserve to help them successfully grow.”

About Stakeholderz

Stakeholderz is a unique equity funding platform that introduces high quality, early stage investment opportunities to Investing Directors and further experienced investors and executives. As the Stakeholderz name suggests, this programme is about managing a stream of high quality ventures, senior executive talent, an investor base and the combination of all three to drive interest in investment opportunities and fundraising.

The Stakeholderz Venture Committee oversees the selection of suitable ventures for the platform, and promotes them to Investing Directors. Unlike other platforms, Stakeholderz champions lead Investing Directors who are chosen by ventures to take on key executive roles and accelerate fundraising. Visit website.

Stakeholderz latest news and key achievements

By Stakeholderz07 Apr 2022