UKBAA and APC – Mobilise the Future: Investing in clean mobility

The global shift towards de-carbonisation comes with immense technological challenges. Innovations in new technology will be key to supporting the growth and adoption of low-carbon technologies, which presents a considerable opportunity to early-stage investors to get involved at the grassroots of an industry already enjoying phenomenal growth. With this in mind, we were delighted to once again partner with the Advanced Propulsion Centre to spotlight innovators pushing the needle towards cleaner and more efficient transport and mobility. 

On 23rd February, we brought together a host of investors from across London to hear from a curated group of entrepreneurs who are transforming the automotive sector. Presented in the heart of London, at the ever-fitting London Transport Museum, we presented the 3rd annual Mobilise the Future investment showcase. The event welcomed 11 businesses selected from an incredibly competitive pool of applications to take centre stage and pitch to an audience of investors ranging from angel to VC. From LiNa Energy who are commercialising solid-state sodium batteries to lower carbon footprints to White Motorcycle Concepts who are reducing the gap between EV and fossil fuel performance in the motorcycle industry – the line-up of businesses were tackling a multitude of challenges and accelerating the road to net zero.

We kicked the afternoon off with a panel discussion exploring the opportunities for investing in clean mobility, which welcomed insights from industry and investment. Roderick Beer, UKBAA’s Managing Director sat down with Dyrr Ardash, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE), Bhavik Shah, APC’s Technology Trends Roadmap Project Manager, and Stephen Irish, Co-founder of Hyperdive Innovation to explore why the Automotive Sector is an exciting place for investors and how the UK is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the global opportunity. 

Once the pitch presentations began, we heard from 11 leading innovators who are each tackling different areas of the sector. The businesses offered perspectives on the integral role technology holds in the automotive sector by improving efficiency, performance, safety, reducing emissions, and unlocking the future of mobility.

If you didn’t attend the event, check out the presenters below: 

  • Balance Batteries – An EV platform technology which reduces the costs for developing niche vehicle batteries and utilises a game-changing, proprietary cooling technology
  • Chassis Autonomy – Unlocking the next generation of truly autonomous mobility through actuation.
  • Chimera Energy’s revolutionary multi-chemistry and weld-free battery technology improves performance, cost, safety and longevity whilst addressing the circular economy.  
  • ENSO is developing sustainable tyres for electric vehicles, delivering sustainable mobility by improving the performance and environmental impact of tyres.
  • Lesla Limited offers a combined wireless kerbside charging system for electric vehicles which are parked on residential streets overnight, suitable for cost-effective large-scale on-street charging installations.
  • LiNa Energy – A solid state sodium batteries which offer breakthrough performance, unmatched safety, a lower embedded carbon footprint and lower cost versus incumbent lithium-ion batteries
  • Oxford RF Solutions – Breakthrough Radar Vision for Mobility & Autonomy.
  • Temple ElectricWe are a high growth bicycle company who make beautiful, lightweight and desirable electric bikes with enormous export potential.  
  • Viritech’s The leading developer of hydrogen powertrain solutions for the automotive, aerospace, marine, and distributed power industries. 
  • White Motorcycle Concepts – Using cutting-edge technology to significantly improve efficiency and break a land-speed record!
  • Zak’s patented technology of suspension and electric hub motor within the wheel. Giving comfort, compactness and weight saving, for the next generation of electric vehicles.

Each of the businesses is listed on the UKBAA DealShare platform – be sure to check them out.

Event Photos: 

By UKBAA10 Mar 2022