BGV Spring ’22 Call for Applications

Bethnal Green Ventures are on the hunt for startups using technology to tackle the world’s pressing social and environmental challenges.

If you’re a founder set on building a purpose-driven business for people and the planet and making a profit, then check out their Tech for Good programme and a chance to receive £30k investment.

BGF offer:

  • £30,000 investment and a 12-week programme to help tech for good entrepreneurs build and launch their businesses
  • life-long support to all founders in our portfolio and select opportunities for follow-on investment as part of a bigger round (pre-seed and seed-stage investment rounds with a ticket size ranging from £50,000 to £100,000

Have you got a radical idea to use technology for good? Apply now for their 2022 programme https://bit.ly/3cMMrQn

By UKBAA16 Dec 2021