Most Active Seed VCs

Seed VCs

Institutional investment can be a real boost to any business looking to grow.

We are seeing more and more venture capital firms investing earlier on in the business’ life cycle, often alongside business angels.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most active Seed VCs operating and investing in the UK right now.

ACF Investors

ACF Investors manage active co-investment funds that seek to achieve consistent returns by partnering with experienced syndicates of angel investors to help fund and scale early-stage businesses. Built on the experience of many investments across multiple funds it is a champion of accomplished, hands-on investors who know their sector inside out, and works in partnership with them to provide the capital, experience and support high-potential businesses need.

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Bethnal Green Ventures

Bethnal Green Ventures is Europe’s leading early-stage tech for good VC. We back ambitious founders using technology to tackle big social and environmental problems that aim to radically improve millions of lives. BGV has unrivalled experience and track record investing in and scaling tech for good businesses, generating top-tier returns for investors, as well as significant and measurable impact. 

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Deepbridge Capital

Deepbridge Capital specialise in supporting and funding technology and life sciences innovations across the UK, utilising Government initiatives such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. They only invest in sectors they have experience in so their team can take a hands-on approach with investee companies to ensure they develop as planned – with the objective of providing investors with investment growth as well as the tax incentives of the Enterprise Investment Scheme or Business Property Relief. 

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Foresight Williams

The Foresight Williams Technology EIS and VCT Share class offer an exciting investment opportunity made possible by the collaboration between Foresight Group and Williams Advanced Engineering. This collaboration is based on the combined vision and respective fields of expertise of Foresight Group and Williams Advanced Engineering. These two funds provide investors with the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of early-stage companies with high growth-potential, developing innovative and occasionally transformational technologies across a range of different sectors. Initial investments will typically range between £0.5 million and £3 million in portfolio companies.

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Forward Partners

Forward Partners invest in exceptional businesses and talent focused on opportunities in eCommerce, marketplace and Applied AI sectors – from day zero through to seed stage. 

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The FSE Group

The FSE Group (FSE C.I.C) has been investing in ambitious small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have the potential for significant growth. They understand the funding challenges facing emerging and mid-sized companies looking to expand, and they provide funds and support.

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Haatch Ventures is a UK EIS Fund designed and run by founders with real experience in building early-stage tech ventures into blockbuster companies and 100x+ multiple exits. After six years of successfully investing privately under the Haatch Angel brand, creating a world-renowned portfolio of investments, the team launched Haatch Ventures, to enable investors to invest alongside them in the next era of disruptive tech. 

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IQ Capital

From Seed stage, IQ Capital helps businesses tackle the challenges of growth and build a successful company, supported by the diverse perspectives of their team – science & tech, marketing, product, sales, talent – and not just their experience in corporate finance and M&A. Their initial investments range from £0.5m to £10m from our 2019 Fund III, in disruptive UK based tech companies capable of dominating their global markets. They invest at Seed and Series A, and we’re actively seeking investments in AI, Data Science, IoT and more.  

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Jenson Funding Partners

Jenson Funding Partners LLP was established in 2012 to raise capital and provide strategic investment advice under the then new Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) tax efficient wrapper. The first SEIS fund launched in the same year, closing oversubscribed with over £5 million invested in 35 SEIS qualifying companies. Since then, they have raised over £18 million, which has been deployed into 115 companies. To continue to fund the companies, they launched their EIS Fund in 2015 to bridge the funding gap between SEIS and mature EIS companies; a gap that the established EIS investment companies overlook. 

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MartletMartlet Capital is the investment arm of the Marshall of Cambridge group and has invested in more than 50 start-ups, since its launch in 2011. They provide patient capital for early-stage IP rich, B2B deep technology and life science start-ups, with a primary focus on companies based in Cambridge. Their team is comprised of experienced investors and entrepreneurs. Initial sums of capital of £100-150K are invested to help support early-stage companies. Martlet will almost always co-invest with angels and seed funds and has the capacity to follow on in subsequent investment rounds. 

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Newable Ventures invests in innovative potentially high growth knowledge intensive technology companies through its EIS fund and its established network of private investors. Newable Ventures, previously London Business Angels, has a strong track record of supporting SMEs with a particular focal point in Med Tech, Space Tech (predominantly downstream Technologies), Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Immersive technologies, Robotics, etc. 

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Northstar Ventures

Northstar Ventures is a venture capital company dedicated to building successful high growth businesses and social enterprises. With over £95m under management, they specialise in early-stage technology investments. Their team works with entrepreneurs and investors to understand their needs and maximise the return to both. They invest in early-stage businesses – both existing and new companies – that have strong teams and great ideas. Typically they invest from £50k up to £750k.

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Oxford Capital 

Oxford Capital is a specialist investment manager focused on delivering returns for their clients. Established in 1999, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the management of their clients’ investments. They invest with a keen sense of long-term stewardship of our clients’ funds. Their aim is to deliver strong investment performance and to conduct their investing in a manner which is socially and environmentally responsible. 

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Par Equity 

Par Equity is an award-winning EIS fund manager, investing in innovative, high growth technology businesses across the UK. They harness the expertise and contacts of their Par Investor Network and wider contacts to create a distinctive, operationally focused investment model that benefits both investors and entrepreneurs.

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Playfair Capital 

Playfair Capital is one of Europe’s best known early-stage VC fund. Founded in 2013, they invest in tenacious entrepreneurs building technology that generates a quantum leap in the way people live, work, and play for the better. Fundamentally, we want to invest in companies that matter. A core tenet of their ethos is to invest and work on a level playing field with our entrepreneurs. They partner closely with our teams to provide the financial, operational, and strategic support required to bring their visionary technologies to the world. They’ve backed companies across the UK, Europe, the US, and Africa.

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RLC Ventures 

RLC Ventures backs extraordinary founders and helps them excel exponentially, from idea to exit. We invest in early-stage and scalable tech companies that are set to shape the future of Finance, Entertainment and B2B software. 

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SFC Capital 

SFC Capital (formerly Startup Funding Club) is the UK’s most active seed investor and third worldwide (PitchBook, 2020), providing capital and support to British startups. By combining its Angel Network and Seed Funds, SFC has created a unique model that allows investors to get exposure to SEIS- and EIS-qualifying businesses, either directly or through a diversified portfolio curated and managed by SFC’s expert team.

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SuperSeed Ventures 

SuperSeed backs ambitious founders of B2B software companies and supports them with capital and mentorship to help them get from Seed to Series A. 

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Sustainable Ventures 

Sustainable Ventures‘ vision is to address the challenges of resource scarcity and climate change through commercial solutions. From their experience of working with SMEs for more than 8 years, they understand that these businesses require business support due to their longer development timeframes and higher capital requirements to commercialise. They have designed a new style of accelerator built specifically to fund and de-risk the UK’s best early stage sustainability start-ups, boost their growth, and positively impact climate change. The Accelerator aims to fill the sector’s longstanding funding gap between seed and venture capital rounds and provide critical commercial support to entrepreneurs.

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Symvan Capital 

Symvan Capital is an award-winning EIS & SEIS technology venture capital fund manager. They invest in companies seeking to have a material impact in their industry with the potential to deliver exceptional investment returns within a realistic time frame.

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SyndicateRoom was founded in 2013 as an online investment platform, facilitating tax-efficient investments into highly-vetted startups. They are a fintech company made up of data-scientists, investment professionals, software developers and marketers with one mission: to be an early investor in every British startup success story. They apply a data-driven model to portfolio construction; a repeatable process designed to maximise returns and minimise risk for fund investors. 

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The UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund (UKI2S) is committed to nurturing new business arising from the world-class science undertaken in the UK in sectors such as biotechnology, synthetic biology, engineering, agriculture, computer science and environmental technology. Providing long-term, patient capital, the fund has helped build innovative businesses, leverage private investment and grow jobs. Beyond seed funding, UKI2S provides strategic advice and support to companies in their early stages.

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Velocity Capital Advisors Limited is the Investment Consultant to the Velocity SEIS and EIS Funds, managed by Sapphire Capital Partners LLP. The Velocity funds focus on technology enabled companies and to date have invested in over 40 companies. It is their view that the digital economy has given innovative start-ups the ability to disrupt the way well-established industries operate, undermining entrenched businesses rapidly with devastating effect. 

Find out more about Velocity Capital Advisors Ltd Zero Carbon Capital 

Zero Carbon Capital is the home of the Zero Carbon Fund, a new EIS fund to invest in early-stage companies that are on a mission to fix climate change with scientific innovation. They are looking for knowledge-intensive, hard-science solutions that have the potential to make half gigaton-level reductions of CO2e at scale; and vision-aligned, ambitious teams to go with them. 

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