EMEA Edison™ Applications Now Open

The EMEA Edison™ Accelerator is seeking start-ups and scale-ups to accelerate the transformation of healthcare alongside GE Healthcare, healthcare providers and Wayra UK.

What is the EMEA Edison™ Accelerator?

The EMEA Edison™ Accelerator is a start-up and scale-up acceleration & healthcare provider collaboration programme designed by GE Healthcare in partnership with Wayra UK.

It brings together healthcare providers, start-ups and scale-ups who want to leverage the GE Healthcare environment and mentoring to enhance their value proposition. It is designed to introduce GE Healthcare’s Intelligence Platform Edison, to a growing developer community and create a stronger value proposition in the healthcare sector. The EMEA Edison™ Accelerator is co-designed with healthcare provider institutions to empower and enable digital health start-ups and scale-ups to accelerate innovative solutions and address new challenges to the healthcare sector. The programme is focused on innovation adoption, launching solutions for validated problem statements with active participation from healthcare provider partners.

What Innovation Challenges are we tackling?

The EMEA Edison™ Accelerator has launched innovation challenges with healthcare providers to find solutions across: ease of use of Imaging AI by healthcare providers, eliminating waiting rooms with AI and digital technologies and improving healthcare consumer engagement and experience.

  • Accelerating imaging AI adoption at scale
  • Eliminating waste in the oncology care pathway with AI and digital technologies
  • Democratising cancer care: putting the healthcare consumer front and central

Our offer

As part of the EMEA Edison™ cohort, you will get exclusive benefits including:

  • Workshops, masterclasses & coaching
  • Wayra investor network
  • Support in customer discovery & product validation
  • Mentorship & start-up scaling support
  • Mentoring for trials & regulatory clearance preparation in target geography
  • Joint pilots between start-up & healthcare provider partners
  • GEHC support in integrating & launching solution on Edison™️ marketplace
  • Access to the Edison™️ platform & services
  • Access to data through healthcare providers
  • Access to GEHC global commercial force & customers in various markets

How to apply

You can find out more and apply here.
Applications close on 5th April.

By Wayra 09 Mar 2021