How Embracing Diversity Opens Global Opportunity: Future Forward Silver Sponsor InvestUK in conversation with Lord Nathaniel Wei

Investing in Diversity, the second day of our recent Future Forward: UKBAA Investment Summit, was packed full of events that unpicked the challenges faced by women founders, and black and other minority ethnic founders in the investment community.

Our Silver Sponsor, InvestUK, hosted a Fireside Chat titled ‘How Embracing Diversity Opens Global Opportunity’ that kicked off the day. InvestUK’s Executive Chairman Rupert Gather sat down for an in-depth conversation with Lord Nathaniel Wei, Baron Wei of Shoreditch.

InvestUK is part of The InvestUK Group – alongside Innovate in Britain and InvestUK Academy – and since it was founded in 2013, it has helped 300 international clients from 34 countries to manage their investments into start-up and early-stage business across all industry sectors.

During the Fireside Chat Lord Wei discussed his career so far and talked openly with Rupert about the challenges that exist for migrants coming to the UK. He said:

“Migration policy is an evolving thing right now. The Government has talked about a points-based system that’s focussed on talent and skills gaps. It’s also tricky because of COVID. Let’s not forget that’s rapidly transforming the landscape in terms of employment and business.”

2020 has really shone a spotlight on racial tensions that exist in various parts of the world, particularly in the US where there have been many protests about the way black people have been treated. Lord Wei suggests that racism, and the way migration is reported in the media, could be one of the barriers for those wishing to relocate and work in the UK.

“There has been concern about racism. We saw earlier in the year that (COVID-19) has been called the ‘Wuhan Virus’, certainly in America. Some people from Chinese backgrounds feel there’s perhaps a lesser receptive environment. I think historically, largely because East Asians often have money coming in, there was somewhat of a welcome. Is that welcome going to continue, people are asking?”

Lord Wei also spoke of his hopes for investors coming over to the UK and how that can be mutually beneficial for them and the UK. He explained:

“I want investors coming in to go, ‘no, we want to help’ and to try to team them up with investors here, mayors, policy makers and other stakeholders to go, ‘what are the projects, what are the supply chains and investment opportunities that can shift the dial?’ Not just for your mainstream British people and migrants, but those local people that have been left behind.”

You can watch the full Fireside Chat at the top of this article and if you bought a ticket for Future Forward, you can watch many of the events by visiting https://futureforward.ukbaa.org.uk and logging in.

Find out more about our Silver Sponsor InvestUK at http://www.investuk.com.


By UKBAA09 Dec 2020