UKBAA recognises the valuable role played by Keith Morgan CEO of British Business Bank who is to step down at end of 2020

On behalf of UKBAA we should like to express our deep appreciation for all the support that Keith Morgan has given to our work at UKBAA and to the Angel Market across the UK.

Keith recognised the importance of Angel investment to the British Bank’s work in supporting access to finance for start ups and early stage businesses. He also identified the importance of better data on the Angel market and has supported important research on the market in collaboration with UKBAA . This has enabled us to gain important new insights on the impact of Angel investment and access to new data to support policy development. Keith recognised the imbalance in the level of risk capital across the UK regions and the need to increase Angel Investment capacity. In addition to bringing new investment funds focused on the regions, also supported the launch of the important new £100m Regional Angel Programme led by British Business Investments.

Keith understood the importance of relevant information and advice for entrepreneurs seeking to build and scale their business. He has supported the development of the Finance Hub as a vital new online resource for growing businesses and we have been delighted that UKBAA has been a founding partner to support its development.

Finally we are very grateful to Keith who Has taken the time to be a regular speaker at UKBAA Investment events and we have been very grateful for his insights on the investment market across the UK.

Since he is not stepping down for a further twelve months, we very much look forward to continuing our collaboration with Keith and his team in the year ahead.

Jenny Tooth OBE Chief Executive UKBAA

Read the full press release about Keith’s decision to step down as Chief Executive of the British Business Bank

By UKBAA 31 Oct 2019