Green Angel Syndicate leads £520k investment round in AirEx , to make UK houses more energy efficient

Green Angel Syndicate announced today that it has successfully led a £520k investment round into AirEx, the IoT-enabled smart ventilation control solution start-up tackling heat waste in homes.

In the UK alone, tens of millions of homes were built with low energy standards. Homeowners struggle with cold, uncomfortable draughts and high energy bills – and this situation leads to energy waste on a massive scale.

AirEx has developed an IoT-enabled smart ventilation control system: sensors measure temperature, humidity and air quality; smart algorithms enable automatic air flow regulation, taking into account local weather and air quality data; AirEx opens to reduce underfloor humidity and closes to reduce heat loss and improve your comfort, all without compromising on air quality in the home.

The company targets large social housing estates as well as private landlords and homeowners. It is one of a handful of innovative energy efficiency systems providers approved by Ofgem under its Energy Company Obligation (ECO) 3 scheme – a government initiative that places legal obligations on large energy suppliers to deliver energy efficiency and heating measures to homes across the UK.

Antoine Pradayrol, Green Angel Syndicate Director, said: “Heating accounts for half of energy consumption globally, and over a quarter of total CO2 emissions. If we are to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero – as we must do over the next decades – we need to massively increase energy efficiency in housing. AirEx has developed a solution that is smart, simple, cost effective and easy to install – so it is no surprise to me that the company has been selected by Ofgem. Green Angel Syndicate is extremely proud and excited to be backing the highly experienced and enthusiastic AirEx team, led by Agnes, and looks forward to supporting the company in its rapid growth.

AirEx’s co-founder and CEO, Agnes Czako, said: “It’s fantastic for AirEx to have the support of Green Angel Syndicate, the only group of angel investors in the UK specialising in the fight against climate change and global warming. The company is entirely dedicated to delivering on the promises of the AirEx smart vents, and we now have the means to strongly accelerate our growth.”

About Green Angel Syndicate:

  • Green Angel Syndicate is the only angel investment syndicate in the UK specialising in the fight against Climate Change and Global Warming. We support early stage technology companies developing products and solutions specifically for a more efficient and sustainable use of global resources.
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