Scribeless – Europe’s first fully-automated handwriting marketing solution attracts £400,000 led by RLC Ventures

Scribeless, which fully automates and personalises handwriting styles to reignite the power of the handwritten letter, has secured £400,000 in its first round of funding.

Whether for marketing outreach, lead generation or product personalisation, in a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the digital deluge, scribeless cuts through the noise and adds a personal touch through their tech-enabled human-to-human communication tool.

The round was led by venture investor RLC Ventures to position Scribeless as the leading personalisation handwriting tool across Europe and the US. The company used its own handwriting tool to reach out to investors and secure over 90 per cent of their funds from this method, with Ascension Ventures, SuperSeed and a number of strategic angel investors also participating in the round.

As a truly tech-driven company, Scribeless‘ Artificial Intelligence handwriting-learning algorithms can learn any individual’s handwriting to an indiscernible level, allowing anyone to sign in to their platform and send handwriting letters at scale in minutes. Since its launch in 2018, The Handwriting Company has helped rewrite customer engagement for companies across the e-commerce, hospitality, finance, political and charity sectors through its automated process.

Reece Chowdhry, RLC’s CEO says: “Scribeless has built a customer engagement tool that brings a form of communication that we all understand so intuitively, handwriting, and made it accessible and affordable for any company to use. We’re incredibly excited to partner with them as they continue to grow and support companies across Europe and the US.”

The company is co-founded by Robert Van Den Bergh, who is also CEO, and Alex Robinson, the company’s CTO. The concept was inspired by an artificial intelligence research project around mimicking anyone’s handwriting in an automated and scalable fashion. After working as a marketing assistant and seeing the effectiveness of handwritten marketing in engaging customers, Robert began working with Alex to crack how they could fully automate the process.

Scribeless is continuing to grow and is relaunching on the 26th of August 2019. As part of this relaunch, you can request a sample of one of their handwritten letters to see whether you can tell the difference from a human-written letter, as well as how impactful handwritten direct mail can be. Go to thehandwriting.company to see for yourself!


“The company’s growth and investment round will support our growing sales automation, CRM and e-commerce integrations to allow any company, of any size, utilise handwritten more effectively”, says Robert.

Alex says: *’We’re looking forward to partnering with RLC Ventures in the next stage of our growth and expansion. RLC Ventures’ desire and ambition closely matches ours and their expertise will be invaluable in improving our business processes.”

They have an exciting journey ahead. Their goal of becoming the go to personalisation tool for tech-enabled office communications, via game-changing technology, appears to be written in the stars!


Scribeless – Europe’s first fully-automated handwriting marketing solution attracts £400,000 led by RLC Ventures

By RLC Ventures05 Sep 2019