Green Angel Syndicate buys into BuyMeOnce

Green Angel Syndicate announced today that its members have invested in BuyMeOnce, the destination website for long lasting products, as part of its £550,000 funding round.

BuyMeOnce was founded by Tara Button, author of “A Life Less Throwaway” and an expert on how to escape from the disposable culture which chokes our planet with waste and wastes our money. The business has the stated ambition to be the ‘everything’ store for sustainable, durable goods and eventually to become a retail shopping kitemark for longevity. The website offers for sale an exciting range of meticulously researched long-lasting products, including clothes, kitchenware, toys, electrical goods, toiletries and products to reduce your environmental footprint.

Simon Acland, Green Angel Syndicate Director, said “I hate fast fashion and loathe products which are designed to break or wear out quickly. I also don’t much like shopping. BuyMeOnce is a revelation. The best due diligence you can do on an investment is to use it before you invest, and for me buying clothes and kit from BuyMeOnce has been a really pleasurable experience. BuyMeOnce ticks all the boxes – it is an exciting high growth company which reduces waste and cuts the time I have to spend doing things I don’t like.”

Green Angel Sndicate member Rachel Owen is joining the Board of BuyMeOnce as a Non-Executive Director. Rachel said “I love the energy and enthusiasm of Tara and her team and I am really looking forward to helping them to grow by sharing my experience of building and selling my own business.”

About Green Angel Syndicate:

  • Green Angel Syndicate is the only specialist green angel syndicate in the UK, made up of a network of smart investors who are committed to the transition to agreener economy. We support early stage technology companies developing products and solutions specifically for a more efficient and sustainable use of global resources.
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