UKBAA Angel Investment Awards success stories – Skin Analytics share the impact following their Best Investment in AI win

With one week left to submit your nominations for the UKBAA Angel Investment Awards 2019, we’re continuing our Success Stories series featuring past winners.

Skin Analytics won Best Investment in AI in 2018. While discussing the win with CEO Neil Daly he enthused about the impact winning has had on the company.

“The impact from the awards was quite remarkable in the sense that we got a lot of exposure and we got approached by a lot of potential partners, a lot of potential investors, and we had a real growth of the company as a result.”

Urging others to nominate and get their tickets for the 2019 event, Daly said, “I would definitely apply for the awards this year, if for no other reason than the party’s actually great fun so go and attend!”

Submit your nominations for the UKBAA Angel Investment Awards 2019 at http://awards.ukbaa.org.uk/the-2019-award-categories.

Watch the full video below:

By UKBAA 20 May 2019