As technologies converge, young British businesses are setting the pace of innovation

Newable Ventures Limited Director, Charles Breese, on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the impact of our EIS funds to UK growth.

We’ve been at it in Britain for a very long time… innovation, invention, turning new technologies into business ideas. We were there, leading from the front, in the first Industrial Revolution and I believe we’re right back in the driving seat now, at the beginning of the fourth.

Today, we’re witnessing an acceleration in progress, driven by the convergence of a whole range of different innovation cycles – digital, physical and biological. We’re seeing an explosion of new ideas, markets and businesses in the ever-evolving space between healthcare, genetics, AI, materials science and space technology. Big corporations know the way things are heading, they know serious disruption is on the horizon but it’s hard for them to change fast enough.

That’s why they’re looking to invest in new companies and new concepts to bring them the innovation they need.

And that’s where we come in – our EIS Funds is here to boost these exciting new companies and concepts at the beginning of their journey.

Our team works to identify the winning ideas and winning teams operating in the 4IR space and work with them to realise their huge growth potential.

Charles Breese, Director at Newable Ventures Limited.

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