Technology company developing unique natural gas pipeline monitoring solutions, receives investment from HBA

Start-up company Process Vision Ltd (PVL) have received investment for its first funding round. Participating alongside other angel networks, Henley Business Angels helped raise a total of £335,000.

PVL has developed its first product, LineVu, that provides a permanent live video stream from inside gas pipelines. This live video stream is monitored, and subsequently analysed by PVL’s cloud based software programmes. Targeted at the major oil and gas suppliers, the product provides indisputable proof as to whether the supply of gas is or is not contaminated.

LineVu represents a massive step forward in managing the contamination of gas and improving accountability when process upsets cause serious consequences, including plant fires and shut downs. LineVu has also an important role to play in ensuring the security of pipeline systems by raising alarms if a gas distribution system has been intentionally contaminated. Further new products including LineGate and LineGas are planned for introduction this year, adding to the ability of the PVL solutions to identify the contaminants in the pipeline and provide an online analysis of gas constituents.

The money raised by PVL will be used to commence field trials with several major oil and gas suppliers, complete safety certification and establish a presence in North America.

Paul Stockwell, Managing Director of PVL, said: “This investment has made a great difference; our project is now gathering momentum with many process engineers eager to see what is happening within their process or pipeline. We believe we can make a significant impact to gas production.”

Jurek Sikorski, founder and director of Henley Business Angels, said: “Process Vision has proved to be an attractive proposition for HBA members and we were delighted that Paul and his team have been able to secure the funds they need to complete field trials and establish a strong footing for growth.”