Introducing the UKBAA Angel Investor of the Year 2017-18

UKBAA delighted to welcome Meganne Houghton-Berry as UKBAA Angel Investor of the Year 2017-18 – an important ambassadorship role in the UK angel and early-stage investment community

Meganne Houghton-Berry was announced as winner of the prestigious Angel Investor of the Year category at UK Angel Investment Awards held last week at The Dorchester Hotel in London, which was attended byover 300 leading entrepreneurs and early-stage business investors.

The Angel of the Year award is given to highlight the important role of business angels in our economy and is aimed at investors who have shown their capacity to not only bring finance to their investee businesses, but also access to their experience, skills, contacts and mentoring to support the successful growth and scale-up of their investee businesses.

As part of winning the award, Meganne has accepted the mantle of being an ambassador for angel investing on behalf of UKBAA for 2017-18.

The award judges said:

“Meganne has demonstrated her clear commitment to angel investing for several years across a wide range of sectors, investing through various syndicates in the UK and US. Meganne has shown extensive support for women entrepreneurs, acting as a mentor andadviser, drawing on her own digital marketing expertise and wider contacts, as well as fundraising, to support the growth of the businesses she has backed. She will be an excellent ambassador for angel investing and especially to support UKBAA’s mission to encourage more women to invest in the year ahead.”

UKBAA is hugely grateful to Simon Thorpe, who was Angel Investor of the Year 2016-17 and highly supportive of the angel market – and we are very excited about working with Meganne in the year ahead!


By UKBAA 13 Jul 2017