TBAT Innovation launches new private investment service

TBAT explains its new service for entrepreneurs:

Have you recently thought about embarking on a new R&D project, hiring a new employee or scaling your business in one way or the other? Do you have the available capital within your company to execute these plans?

In many instances the answer is no. The single biggest barrier to businesses in regards to innovation and scalability is a lack of capital. This inevitably causes stagnant growth and is a direct threat to the continuity of your business. In these cases, it may be necessary to seek private investment to allow you to realise your plans and achieve the growth ambitions set for your business.

The fact is attaining the private investment you need does not come without its challenges! Investors will want to see watertight proposals and professional pitches. Investors are investing in the future potential of your business and will ultimately seek to make a profit. With that said, investors will want to protect the risk of capital by seeing watertight business proposals and professional pitches.


Developing these documents is extremely time consuming and diverts valuable time away from running your business.

Additionally, you will want to ensure the investor is the right one for you! As a business you will want to partner with an investor that will ultimately provide valuable insight into your business and support its growth. Again, this represents a long and arduous process.

We at TBAT want to help!

Our philosophy is to help companies access finance to innovate, enhance their competitive advantage and grow. We have a successful history of grant funding and R&D tax credit consultancy and we believe offering a private investment service line adds value to our clients.

The private investment landscape is fragmented. It is highly centralised in London and the South-East. This disparity of private investment across regional borders limits the capacity of companies to acquire investment. It is our vision to stimulate private investment across the UK and increase the scope growth for SME’s across the nation.

We understand that embarking on the journey towards private investment is not for the faint-hearted. We here at TBAT Innovation will strive to support you. Our expert consultants have extensive experience in formulating investment proposals within various sectors.

1) We will have a chat with you to discuss your proposal and discuss your suitability for private investment

2) A consultant will work collaboratively with you to discuss formalities and develop a project plan to become ‘investment ready’

3) The project will commence, this may include;

a. Financial forecasting and analysis
b. Strategy identification and implementation
c. Sales and marketing plans
d. Market analysis
e. Pitch deck formulation

4) Following development of a professional investment proposition. We will forward your case to key investor partners who collectively have billions of pound in their funds!
Rest assured that following our services you will be in the best possible position to get the private investment you need to scale your business to the next level!