Startup Funding Club invests over £300K in British startups

Startup Funding Club has invested over £300k in British startups alongside its network of business angels

London, UK, June 2017 – Startup Funding Club (SFC) has recently invested over £300K into three British startups: Curamicus, Dan Dan Digital, and Onkho. The early-stage companies operate in the healthcare, digital marketing, and fintech industries respectively. The funds raised come from Startup Funding Club’s active network of business angels, named the Lead Angel Syndicate of the Year at the latest UK Angel Investment Awards Gala by the UK Business Angels Association.

“We are delighted to see progress in all these companies from our portfolio.” said Raphael Fässler, Investment Associate at Startup Funding Club. “This investment will allow them to develop their teams and boost their revenues.”

About Curamicus (https://curamicus.co)

Curamicus Ltd is developing massively scalable assistive technology to reduce anxiety and suffering for Elders and vulnerable people worldwide allowing them to live safer, more fulfilling lives.

About Dan Dan Digital (http://www.dandan.digital/)

Dan Dan Digital is a growth marketing lab focused on SMEs and early stage companies. DDD work with modest budgets and take the time to understand their clients’ businesses.

About Onkho (http://www.onkho.com/)

Onkho’s cloud based software helps accountants manage their workflow and communicate with their clients effectively in order to increase customer retention, track profits, create sales leads and grow their practice.

About Startup Funding Club (http://www.startupfundingclub.com/)

Startup Funding Club is an eco-system of entrepreneurs and investors active in the UK startup community. The firm acts as a facilitator for startups to get funding and allows High Net Worth individuals and sophisticated investors to support high potential startups. Startup Funding Club specialises in SEIS and EIS, and it typically uses its unique model that combines its award-winning angel network with the Startup Funding Club Fund to make an investment. Since its inception, Startup Funding Club has supported over 100 companies.