Stakeholder software development capital raise

Our client has developed a new lending platform with intuitive software, a ‘growth ecosystem’ for both borrowers and lenders. The technology is based on verifiable banking information and has been structured on a previous system created by our client which achieved a default rate as low as 3.5%.

The model had been launched in four other countries, and our client came to us to find funds for a UK launch of the new version. We began talks with our investor network to raise both stock and debt – £500,000 initially and a lending line of £2million.

We generated several meetings that resulted in both equity and debt funding for this company – sufficient enough to begin operations, which are now proceeding with the level of comfort and growth our client predicted. We are delighted to report that our client has achieved funding so quickly and that they are happy with our service.

“Thank you to John, Nick and the whole team at Beer & Young. You have introduced sources of funding that we could never have accessed ourselves and we are delighted with the outcome. We hope to continue along the journey with you, raising further capital as our business grows.” AM, CEO FinTech Stakeholder Software