Alternative funding options for businesses

Last year before the release of the 2016 delivery plan, there were questionsabout Innovate UK moving from grants to loans.

Due to purdah prohibiting the publication of “any material which, in whole or in part, appears to be designed to affect public support for a political party”, the new delivery plan cannot be released until after the general election has taken place.

We believe that the new delivery plan will remain focused on the traditional grant funding method, with pilots of loan-based funding continuing to be introduced. It is anticipated that by 2019/20, £165m (about a third of the Innovate UK budget) will be loan funding, so grant funding is still a key part of Innovate UK’s delivery plan.

Following on from our successful grants and R&D Tax Credits claims, TBAT is frequently asked about alternative funding options by clients. That’s why we assist clients in identifying and accessing a range of private investment options including venture capital and business angels.

Private investment can be the vital component towards helping your business enhance its competitiveness and realise growth ambitions. We understand that the concept of raising private investment may be daunting and we want to help. We have engaged with key players in the industry to really understand what they’re looking for when assessing and selecting investments. Our team have vast experience of developing investment proposals, allowing TBAT to assist you in ensuring your business is ‘investment ready’ and give you the very best chance of achieving private investment.

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