OFF3R launches new interface and investor education tools

OFF3R, the leading aggregator of alternative finance platforms has released an improved interface that allows investors to easily compare investment opportunities from over 40 of the leading platforms. The new site lets users apply filters and sorting to bring forward the most relevant opportunities across equity crowdfunding, p2p loans, property investment and various unlisted funds and online wealth managers. CEO Lex Deak said “OFF3R’s new interface empowers first time and sophisticated investors with a powerful tool for navigating the market in a clean, unbiased and intuitive way”.

OFF3Rhas also released aLearnsection that provides a comprehensive set of guides and tools to help educate investors in what Lex Deak calls the new economy. “With so much choice and information out there we feel it is critical to provide investors with a rich source of educational content, people are often too busy to scan scores of platforms to work out key differences, we’ve bought that all under one roof”.

Over the next 6 months OFF3R will be adding a broad range of new products to the platform including more unlisted funds, IFISA products and other tax efficient investment opportunities. The aim for the company is to become the first port of call for investors of all shapes and sizes to find a wide range of investment opportunities. “We’ve only just begun” says Deak, “we have aggressive growth plans and a number of very exciting new products rolling out soon…we’re working hard to help investment platforms find new sources of liquidity and for investors to access a universe of opportunity for greater returns, more control and better information”.

OFF3Ris available on desktop and as a mobile app atwww.off3r.com.


Lex Deak


By Off3r 13 Mar 2017