UKBAA lead angel of the year, Simon Thorpe, gives his thoughts on tech trends for 2017

From Blockchain disruption to gene-editing, Simon Thorpe, UKBAA Angel Investor of the Year 2016-2017 and managing partner of Delta2020, explores the trends in tech that he will be closely following in 2017.

It is an exciting time in the tech industry, he writes, “big data and IoT combined are expected to generate £322bn revenue for the UK economy from 2015-2020.”

On the exploitation of big data: could consumersstart taking back ownership of their data and its profits?

The cutting-edge technology of 2017 is enabling some major developments in healthcare too, as drones save lives transporting emergency medical supplies to remote regions in Africa and artificial intelligence (AI) aids diagnosis of diseases such as cancer.

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By UKBAA 06 Jan 2017