Startup Funding Club closes the 2016 Investor Events with something different

Startup Funding Club (SFC), an award-winning seed investment fund and network of business angels seasoned in bringing together investors and entrepreneurs in its pitching and networking events, has closed the year at Mayfair’s Home House with a different type of event titled “Tax-efficient Investment in Promising British Early Stage Companies”.

Held in the evening of Tuesday 6th December, SFC’s December event had an educational character and was aimed at those interested in learning more about investing in startups. Due to its nature, the event attracted more new faces rather than our usual guests – who are often experienced in the matter.

In charge of the presentations were Stephen Page – SFC’s CEO –, Joseph Zipfel and Daniel Tait – SFC’s Investment Manager and Investment Associate –, and Mary Tierney – Tax director at SFC Bennett Brooks. The presenters covered all points about investing, from the tax benefits of SEIS and EIS and ways to invest to how to find the winners and the risks of investing.

Following the presentations, the audience was given the chance to ask any questions they had to the speakers, who also welcomed further enquiries during the networking that took place afterwards.

SFC, specialized in SEIS investments, combines its award winning Angel Syndicate with the Startup Funding Club Fund. This unique model allows High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors to invest in high-potential startups either directly or through a diversified managed portfolio approach.