Compare Alternative Investments Dot Guru (CAIDG) signs up its 200th user

Bell Financial Planning from Kelso in the Scottish Borders became CAIDG’s 200th user, David Newman, CAIDG’s Commercial Director announced today. He went on to say:

“We have worked very hard at promoting the site to IFAs throughout the past year, using the full range of marketing channels open to us, and feel that we are now starting to achieve the user levels we originally envisaged.Whilst themajority of our users initially originated from London and theSouth East, it is great to see IFAs from Scotland and across the UK also using the Guru’s services to gain objective, uncompromised whole-of-market information and reporting on all publicly available alternative investment products”.

Compare Alternative Investments Dot Guru is an independent, objective and uncompromised website reporting on and scoring SEIS, EIS, VCT, IHT and BPR products in the marketplace today and part of the Compare Investments.Guru portfolio of comparison platforms.

For more information go to –http://www.comparealternativeinvestments.guru


By lorna@3mil.co.uk 01 Dec 2016