Calling all angel investors: Contribute to European Commission research

The European Commissionis carrying out a study with the aim ofUnderstanding the Nature and Impact of Business Angels Funding in Research and Innovation. The study is being led by DG Connect in the European Commission and co-ordinated by Inova +, working with Business Angels Europe (BAE) and EBAN. The survey aims to provide a more complete picture of the Business Angel funding landscape with the objective of establishing policy recommendations on the additional support that the EC can give to Business Angel investment across Europe and to support cross-border investing. See reference letter provided by the European Commission here.

Since UKBAA is a member of BAE, we have been requested to support the dissemination of the study to angel investors across the UK. Therefore, if you are an angel investor, we would be very grateful if you would be able to take part in the surveyand/or disseminate this invitation and link to all Business Angel Investors with whom you are in contact. Completing the survey takes about 20 minutes and is available in English and French.

The survey will be available online until 25th November 2016, so do please support this and encourage your investor colleagues to complete the survey as soon as possible.

All responses will be treated in total confidence and all results will be used as aggregated data. Should you be interested in the next steps of this study (i.e,. being interviewed, or being informed about the study results), please include your relevant contact information in the last page of the survey.

By UKBAA 10 Nov 2016