Will smart things break the Internet?

We are more reliant on the Internet and spend more time online than ever before, but how will the Internet cope with the growing pressures of an increase in the number of internet-dependent technologies? As the Internet of Things – theidea that everyday objects will have network connectivity – is becoming more of a reality, there are projections of 50bn connected objects globally in 2020. With this increased dependencecome greater risks associated with a network failure – consider the potential consequences of a driverless car losing connectivity, for example. Robust and reliable network infrastructure is clearly of paramount importance to enable such technologies to take hold.

In at least the near future, wired connections are still likely toplay a large role in delivering Internet due to the higher bandwidth and data capacity relative to wireless alternatives, according to David Eden, writing for Tata Communications. However, there are hopes that the advancement of AI and current developments in the telecoms industrywill help the Internet to cope with challenges related to cyber-security and traffic maintenance stemming from an ever-increasing demandfor connectivity.

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By UKBAA 09 Nov 2016