The growth of the UK Fintech industry is being boosted by FinTech Bridges to wider markets

The FCA has created two ‘fintech bridges’ this year in order to reduce barriers to market entry and make it easier to share information about financial services innovations in each marketplace.

Thanks to these new relationships, the UK will now be able to work alongside other global fintech hubs more effectively. Singapore and Korea, for example, are now intrinsically linked with the UK’s fintech hub in London, helping our native start-ups to scale up through access to the Asian markets, and at the same time, attract companies and investors to our shores. The outcome of the EU referendum has made it a crucial time for the UK to bolster its fintech links across the world.

Forming these relationships with tech-savvy nations such as the Republic of Korea will not only improve our access to customers and funding, but also our access to talent. This latter point will become increasingly vital as the UK begins to formulate its post-Brexit plans.

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By UKBAA 14 Sep 2016