iCentrum Angels Collective launches to promote investment in Birmingham’s tech businesses

Innovation Birmingham’s new location provides a focal point and enterprise support infrastructure to promote the creation and growth of innovative digital businesses. We orchestrate connection, communication and collaboration opportunities that help people create new products and services; we catalyse digital entrepreneurship to solve problems and grow businesses; and we drive inter-connected international communities, amplifying the successes of businesses on a global stage. In this way we promote cross-sector digital solutions through businesses based on substance.

As well as aiding the establishment and growth of over 50 new businesses each year, we also drive an innovation community through events and networking activities for entrepreneurs and innovators from across Birmingham and the wider West Midlands. We have the people with ideas and people with expertise and experience so we are now looking to create a critical mass of prospective investors through the establishment of the iCentrum® Angels Collective.

The iCentrum® Angels Collective will not be a membership network, it will be an open collective promoting venturing in technology-based businesses, associated or affiliated with the activities of Innovation Birmingham and other centres of innovation in the West Midlands. Collective attendees will share an active interest in learning more about investing in technology-based businesses and/or actively looking to make such investments as individuals or part of a collective.

The iCentrum® Angels Collective will provide a series of awareness seminars and events designed to promote an understanding of angel investment and investment into the technology sectors amongst high net-worth individuals in the region.

Based on this enhanced understanding the iCentrum® Angels Collective will provide early introduction opportunities to new and early stage validated, investment-ready technology businesses and provide the means of getting to know the founders.

The iCentrum® Angels Collective will create informal show-and-tell investment days and provide drop-in/hot-desking space to those individuals signing up to consider actual investment.

By UKBAA 04 Aug 2016