The Seed & EIS Hour open investment opportunities

The Seed & EIS Hour has published details of all the companies interviewed during its third series (which ended last week), that remain open for investment. The publication also includes details of companies that raised during series one, and are now raising growth/Series A funds.

To receive the publication, please contact info@intelligentcrowd.tv

Registered members will also receive later this month, the first phase of “CEO Spotlight” data, comparing the relative merits of the of equity crowd funding platforms, Angel networks, and accelerators who joined us during the series for interview.

The Seed and EIS Hour is the world’s first series dedicated to Crowd and Angel funding. The program has a focus on curated, harder-to-explain B2B investment opportunities and streams, live at 8pm on Mondays, to PCs, smartphones and tablets. Membership is free of charge, but open to registered Sophisticated and HNW investors only. Members gain access to information from Argus Research, and can put questions directly to the presenting entrepreneurs, live, via Skype. Register at http://www.intelligentcrowd.tv/register/

By lorna@3mil.co.uk 20 Jul 2016