Startup Funding Club Wins Lead Syndicate of the Year Award

Startup Funding Club have won the UKBAA Lead Syndicate of the Year Award 2016, announced at the UK Angel Investment Awards, held at the Dorchester Hotel on the 5th July.

The award, sponsored by the Angel CoFund, celebrates the role of Angel syndicates and the expertise they bring to theirportfolio companies.

Startup Funding Club’s win was announced by Kiki Loizou, Small Business Editor of The Sunday Times. The award was presented by George Whitehead, Chair of the Angel CoFund.

The seven finalists were:

The shortlist reflects those syndicates that have been shown to bring together a significant group of individuals who bring clear added value to help the growth and scale of their investee businesses.

When assessing Startup Funding Club, the judges noted that the syndicate had demonstrated strong activity in the past year, making over 35 investments, a number of which were led by leading players with entrepreneurial and industry expertise. In addition to the number of investments made, a significant proportion (30%) of the investorsare female, demonstrating gender diversity within the syndicate. The investments made encompassa range of sectors and show geographical variation, with investments being made outside of London and across the UK, together with co-investment alongsideregional investment sources. The syndicate also shows a strong focus on leveraging its experienced investor base to identify Lead Angels to support the ongoing growth and scale-up of its portfolios.

24Haymarket, whichwon the ‘One to Watch’ Award, was commended for its broad membership base which consists of seasoned entrepreneurs and leading industry and corporate players. The syndicate has demonstrated significant activity across the UK over the past year, with a strong focus on the active involvement of a Lead Angel in supporting the ongoing growth and commercial success of their investee companies.

By UKBAA 15 Jul 2016