Oxford Capital and MMC Ventures partner with CoInvestor, offering private investors a new way to access EIS investment opportunities

Providing private investors with increased flexibility and the ability to build a portfolio of EIS investments in companies across individual fund managers. Providing Fund managers with access a wider pool of private investors, increased investment activity and greater flexibility

CoInvestor, a new service enabling private investors to co-invest alongside professional Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) fund managers, today announced that Oxford Capital and MMC Ventures are joining the CoInvestor platform in order to provide opportunities for registered users to co-invest alongside them on a deal by deal basis.

It will give private investors the opportunity to take part in EIS investments led by Oxford Capital and MMC Ventures, two award winning fund managers that are regularly rated among the most active venture investors in the UK. The ability to co-invest alongside these fund managers provides investors with the opportunity to choose their own direct EIS investments but benefit from a professionally managed process. The platform provides them with increased flexibility and the ability to build a portfolio of investments in companies across individual fund managers.

CoInvestor’s platform now gives fund managers access to a second distribution channel in order to boost their levels of investment activity and to introduce greater flexibility into their business models. It is launched as the Enterprise Investment Scheme received increasing levels of interest from individuals who are attracted to growth investment and new ways to save tax-efficiently. Many of these investors are currently considering how to use their EIS annual allowance in the last ten weeks of the financial year.

Charles Owen, the founder of CoInvestor, said:

“We said that we would work closely with a number of established and highly regarded managers in the sector, and so we are delighted to announce that two such high quality managers as Oxford Capital and MMC Ventures are joining our platform.”

“The benefits for both investors and fund managers are compelling. Investors get access to higher quality EIS investments that they can choose themselves, being managed by professional managers. Fund managers gain access to a wider pool of investors, increased levels of investment activity and greater flexibility.”

“Both Oxford Capital and MMC are demonstrating their conviction that this is an important development in increasing access to tax efficient investments. Although CoInvestor was only formally launched in December last year, this is a culmination of many ongoing discussions with the fund management sector, and we will shortly be able to announce that a number of other established managers will be joining the CoInvestor platform. ”

Richard Roberts, Director of Private Clients at Oxford Capital said:

“We believe that the Enterprise Investment Scheme will continue to be a growing focus for large numbers of investors, and while some of them will choose to invest via managed funds, we know there are also many people who may prefer to build their own portfolios of selected EIS-qualifying investments. Our partnership with CoInvestor will enable us to help investors to do so.”

Anna Slemmings of MMC Ventures commented:

“We feel that the CoInvestor platform is in a good position to service market trends that we have identified in investor sentiment, allowing investors who prefer to self-select deals the opportunity to do so alongside experienced, reputable managers. By partnering with CoInvestor we are expecting to engage with a new type of investor, who is different to our current base, but whose outlook and appetite match that of our core investors.”

CoInvestor, which launched on 1st December, provides a new model for investing in growth companies, inviting private investors to co-invest alongside professional EIS fund managers on a deal by deal basis.

By UKBAA 24 Feb 2016