The Mayor of London partners with UKBAA to find London’s Top Tech Innovators to meet the Capital’s Growth Challenges

As part of the Mayor’s Smart London vision, talented entrepreneurs are invited to showcase innovations which respond to challenge areas, critical to the development of a smarter London.

“We need to harness London’s technical prowess to help the capital work even better as a city, support its growth and help our infrastructure and services to be more responsive to Londoners and business needs. We need London’s top of theclass researchers and talented entrepreneurs to innovate with new approaches to the capital’s growth challenges.”– Mayor of London, Smart London Plan

As London grows to an estimated 10 million residents in 2030, new pressures are being placed on the city.In order to meet these challenges and to keep its world-class status, London must make the most ofnew technologiesand use itscreative strengths. In 2013, the Mayor of London launched the Smart London Plan to invite a closer look at the role digital technology can play in supporting London’s future growth.

As part of the Mayor’s Smart London vision, talented entrepreneurs are invited able to showcase their digital innovations which respond to challenge areas, critical to the development of a smarter London.


The Opportunity

The Mayor of London, in partnership with UK Business Angels Association, is seeking applications from start-ups and small companies that have developed innovative solutions using data and digital technologies to address London’s challenges as it continues to grow.

Up to 15 companies will be selected to present their innovations in 5 priority areas: Environment; Buildings and Homes; Transport; Health; Resilience and infrastructure.

The Smart London Investor Showcase will be attended by leading technology investors, key decision makers and thought leaders within the public and private sector.

Successful applicants will be given the opportunity to present their innovations to key industry players, raise the profile of their smart technology solutions with investors and network with likeminded firms.

If you are an investor and would like to attend the Mayor of London: Smart London Investor Showcase on March 16th – please get in touch with Noelle Baquiche:noelle.b@ukbaa.org.ukor call 0207 492 0490


To Qualify

1.Your business should innovatively address one of the 5 key challenges outlined below.
2.You have a demonstrable product or service which has passed the proof of concept stage.
3.You should have a clearly defined business case for securing investment between £100,000 to £5m.
4.Your business must be have a physical presence within London.

The Process

1.Please complete the online application form by Thursday the 25th of February.
2. If your innovation addresses more than one of the challenges please complete any additional as seperate applications.
2.A panel of industry and investor experts will review all applications and select the top 15 to be showcased at the event.
3.If you are selected, you will be required to attend a pitch rehearsal session during the week commencing the 7th of March.
4.The showcasing event will then take place between 2.30pm and 8.00pm on the 16th of March.

The Five Key Challenges

Outlined below is the rationale behind the 5 key challenges together with some examples of potential issues to be addressed.



New technology and data can unearth ‘smarter’ approaches to how we interact with, measure and make the most of London’s environment to improve the sustainability and liveability of the city. An example for environmental challenges and opportunities could include:
•Reducing emissions and waste
•Air quality
•Resource efficiency
•Access to green spaces

2)Buildings and Homes

A ‘smart building’ is designed for longevity, and uses digital technology and data to achieve value for money and low environmental impact. Innovative solutions can be used from the beginning of the design phase through to the end of the building’s life to increase efficiency. Technology may be used to:
•Enhance living conditions
•Increase safety and security
•Increase energy efficiency
•Improve building structures


Innovative solutions use data and digital technology to deliver faster, more efficient and more reliable transport services to Londoners, improve the communication of information provided to citizens, or stimulate behavior change. Solutions could include:
•Delivering faster, more frequent and reliable services to customers
•Improving efficiency and environmental impact
•Achieve a reliable and safe service, which achieves value for money
‚Ä¢Achieving TfL’s target of a further 30 per cent improvement in reliability over the next three years
•Improving performance of workforce


Rising costs, changing demographics and growing consumer expectations are changing healthcare. Providers and citizens are seeking better quality care,improved outcomes and more efficient models of delivery. These pressures for transformation are changing the role of digital technology and data in healthcare.
Stakeholders in the health industry are looking for innovative new ways to enable people to improve and maintain their own health and wellbeing. Technology may be used to allow citizens to make more informed choices in the following areas;
•Physical activity
•Mental Health

5)Resilience and Infrastructure

As London continues to grow and change it is important that the city and its physical systems are able to prepare, respond and recover from emergencies, to reinforce London’s position as a robust city. Examples of innovative new ways of using data and digital technology could include testing network theory, analysing social media, and using picture and video communication to:
‚Ä¢Assess risks to London’s resilience.
•Build resilience through prevention and mitigation.
•Improve collaboration across organisations.
•Help Londoners to be prepared.
If you would like the opportunity to showcase your innovative solution for Smart London, complete the online application form by the 26th of February.
Applications to the Mayor of London Investor Showcase has now closed.

By UKBAA 08 Feb 2016