Astia and Duke of Westminster take a stake in Ozone Purification

The Duke of Westminster and a Silicon Valley investment firm are backing a technology that could boost food production and safety.

Wheatsheaf, the venture capital arm of the Duke’s Grosvenor Estate property business, and Astia Angels, have taken a minority stake in Ozone Purification. The Oxfordshire business uses electrolysis to transform water and salts ‚Äî including table salt ‚Äî into disinfectants for the food production and food processing industries. It also uses gaseous ozone.

San Francisco≠based Astia only invests in companies with at least one woman in a position of leadership. It is the network’s first deal in Europe.
Ozopure works with food processors and growers and allows them to manufacture disinfectants on site from water and salts. It reduces the amount of power, water and hazardous chemicals needed to clean and disinfect production lines, as well as cutting shipping and handling costs.

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By UKBAA 04 Feb 2016