UK Business Angels Association partners with Digital Catapult to help grow UK Digital Economy

UKBAA is one of nine regional clusters selected to kick-start regional partnership initiative
The Digital Catapult has announced that UKBAA will be one of the first associates of its Clusters and Communities Programme, a regional partnership initiative, focused on driving innovation and accelerating growth across the UK’s digital economy.
UKBAA, the trade association for angel and early stage investment, is one of the first nine digital industry clusters across the UK selected by the Digital Catapult to help develop mutually beneficial relationships and networks, capitalise on opportunities, and contribute to one another’s projects. The programme is designed to maximise reach across a wide range of SMEs, scaleups and startups to deliver further value to the UK’s exciting tech and digital scene.
By joining the Digital Catapult’s Clusters and Communities Programme network UKBAA will gain access to a range of initiatives that are intended to spark fresh thinking, stimulate enterprise and drive creativity.
The Digital Catapult focuses on developing breakthroughs for the UKs data sharing movement, helping businesses unlock new value through sharing proprietary data in faster, better and more trusted ways and providing support based upon its projects, facilities and expertise.
One of these is the Pit Stop, a highly focused open innovation activity designed to accelerate the growth of new ideas within the tech and digital space. The Digital Catapult’s Pit Stops bring together large companies, experts and small, high calibre and disruptive innovators, to tackle a specific challenge in a key business area through hands-on workshops and debates, usually over two days.
Jenni Young, Marketing and Centres Director at the Digital Catapult said:
“We are really excited about the launch of our partnership programme, which helps us maximise our reach across the UK to engage with the widest range of SMEs, scaleups and startups.
“Our new regional partners, such as UKBAA, have access to a high volume of innovation talent with direct relevance to our focus areas and our aspirations. Such vibrant communities of exciting companies are developing breakthrough products and services, and disrupting traditional business models in the tech and digital sector.”
“This is just the beginning of an exciting journey to partner with as many clusters and communities as possible in the coming months.”
Jenny Tooth OBE, Chief Executive, UK Business Angels Association said:
We are delighted to be partnering with Digital Catapult in this exciting time of growth in the UK’s digital economy
The Clusters and Communities call to partner with the Digital Catapult is still open. More information on how to sign up can be found here.
The first cohort of nine Digital Catapult Associates are:
Liverpool Vision
The Landing, Manchester
Future Worlds, Southampton
CodeBase, Edinburgh
Silicon Canal, Birmingham
Cambridge Wireless
UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA)
Tech London Advocates
Capital Enterprise

By UKBAA 03 Feb 2016