£275K investment for measurement technology

Belfast-based start-up Capaltec, which has invented a new height measurement device has secured a £125,000 investment round. The latest funding brings the total investment into the company to £275,000 in just ten months. £200K of this has been directly invested through Halo, the Northern Ireland business angel network. The company is now set to launch ‘HeightLight’, the world’s first handheld laser height measuring device, this summer. The technology will benefit industries such as veterinary medicine and farming and the device was unveiled by Capaltec’s CEO, Tristan Brittain-Dissont, and Alan Watts, Director of Halo, at Danescroft Equestrian Centre in Lisburn.

Capaltec’s CEO, Tristan Brittain-Dissont, explains: “‘If you want to measure the height of a person – or indeed, a horse, wardrobe, door or any number of everyday things – how would you do that? Astonishingly, although it is 2016 and we are surrounded by sophisticated hand-held measurement devices, the only readily available tools for measuring the height of everyday things are sticks and tapes – ‘technologies’ that were invented thousands of years ago.

“Many people think that laser tape measures can be used to measure height, but that isn’t the case. Try to use a laser tape device to measure your height: you will soon realise that it is impossible. If the device is on top of your head pointing down, the beam can’t penetrate your body. That’s why we invented HeightLight.

“We developed a way to direct the laser beam from the top of the object being measured to the floor at an angle. This gives you the hypotenuse of right-angled triangle. Once you have measured this, our software is able to apply simple trigonometry to work out the height of the object. HeightLight is requires no specialist skill or training. Anyone can use it to measure – with millimetre precision – the height of any everyday object in seconds.”

Alan Watts, Director of Halo, based at the Northern Ireland Science Park, said,” Capaltec is a perfect example of a company which has taken an everyday object like a tape measure and taken it into the 21st Century. It’s a simple idea but our angels were impressed with the potential of the product; you only have to look at industries such as veterinary medicine, farming, consumer health, DIY and construction to see how this innovation would benefit them.”

For more information, please visit http://www.capaltec.com/ or http://halo.nisp.co.uk/

By HALO 02 Feb 2016