Finanziaconnect Investment Forum brings Spain to London on March 3rd

Finanziaconnect is the first initiative that gathers Spanish start-up Associations, Event Organisers, Venture Capitalists, Business Angels, Equity Crowdfunders and Accelerators to explore cross-border business opportunities between UK and Spain.

Finanziaconnect is a member of both the UK Business Angel Association and its Spanish counterpart and seeks to be the main link between UK & Spanish investors, providing the ground to develop strong relationships to increase cross border investments and open new business opportunities for startups to scale (download the brochure here for more information).

On Wednesday December 16th at Google Campus Madrid the Top 20 Startups looking to be one of the ten travelling to London in March to present to UK investors in the first Finanziaconnect Investment Forum, presented their startups to over 35 Spanish investors and experts.

The event also hosted a videoconference where Jenny Tooth, Chief Executive at UK Business Angels Association presented the opportunities and provided information about the angel and early stage investing environment of UK.

Finanziaconnect has the support of many of Spain’s leading organisations and personalities in entrepreneurship: Organisers of The South Summit, one of Europe’s most outstanding events with 12,500 attendees, 6,300 entrepreneurs and more than 650 International and Spanish investors (Fundacion INCYDE and Spain Startup), Sociosinversores leading Spanish equity crowdfunding platform, the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and renowned Spanish investors Jose Martin Cabiedes, Aquilino Pena, Rodolfo Carpintier and Javier Ulecia opening the forum to be held in March at Google Campus London with a discussion panel titled Spain: Opportunities for UK Investors & Startups.

In addition, joining the 10 startups selected in the final process, Spain’s Venture Capital Association (ASCRI) will be present with 3 companies backed by 3 different VCs as well as three of Spain’s leading accelerators.

More than 200 startups have passed through the Finanziaconnect selection process and 50 of them gathered last December 2nd at the prestigious IE Business School at its startup building called Area 31. From those 50 startups, after going through a speed jury panel, the final Top 20 were selected to present at Google Campus Madrid.

If you are an investor and would like to receive more information about Finanziaconnect Investment Forum to be held on Thursday 3rd March please download the brochure here for more information. At the investment forum, not only will you have the chance to see and meet with great Spanish startups but investors, accelerator and other important personalities of the Spanish startup scene also.

The Spanish startup ecosystem visits London in March!

Finanziaconnect, bridging cross border relations between UK & Spain.

By UKBAA 14 Jan 2016