The world’s first series dedicated to Crowd and Angel funding.

Series One of the “The Seed & EIS Hour” from Intelligent Crowd TV began on 22 October, and the series runs until December 10th. The weekly TV format combines a showcase of great early-stage UK companies, and informative interviews with leading figures from the incubator/accelerator, start-up, crowd and angel ecosystem. Guests in the first program were the Director-General of the EIS Association, Sarah Wadham, and Liz Lumley, Managing Director of Startup Bootcamp in London.

The program has a focus on harder-to-explain b2b investment opportunities and streams, live, to PCs, smartphones and tablets. The first companies selected to showcase their businesses were ET Index, a platform for carbon impact assessment developed out of Canary Wharf’s Level 39 Fintech accelerator; and Goldex, who are launching a debit card based on physical gold deposits. Both companies won expressions of interest from the program’s audience.

John Eade, President of Argus Research (an independent equity research firm with 80 years of history) in New York City, also joined the show via Skype, to explain why his firm liked the opportunities presented. Membership is free of charge, but open to registered Sophisticated and HNW investors only. Members gain access to information from Argus Research and All Street Research, and can put questions directly to the presenting entrepreneurs, live, via Skype.

Register at http://www.intelligentcrowd.tv/register/

Series 1 runs until December 10th, to be followed by Series 2 from late January 2016.

By lorna@3mil.co.uk 06 Nov 2015