Inngot online IP valuation tool unlocks £200m in IP value

Businesses have now used Inngot’s tool, Sollomon, to find £200m in ‘hidden’ intellectual property value.

In the last few weeks alone, Inngot has found significant IP value in sectors as diverse as software and digital media, automotive, construction, food and drink, education and the music industry, for companies ranging from early stage businesses to mature enterprises.

Sollomon® is the world’s first online IP valuation tool, built with specialist input from Grant Thornton UK LLP. It provides immediate, confidential results for just £300+VAT, and is now being widely used to inform equity fundraising, company acquisition, licensing negotiations and IP strategy, as well as supporting a range of debt financing experiments.

Recent users include Surestop Limited, a growing Birmingham-based business with a unique, patented replacement stopcock that easily and conveniently turns off mains water. MD Alan Vurlan wanted to find out how much value was attributable to the company’s IP and other intangible assets: “We have always regarded protection for our ideas as an investment for the future, so we were delighted to confirm that the company has accumulated a significant amount of value in these assets, above and beyond what’s visible on our balance sheet. The process was quite straightforward and has provided really useful insights.”

Centre Stage Group Limited was negotiating an acquisition. As MD Martin Gernon explained, “we had the need to value the target’s IP quickly and accurately, without spending several thousand pounds and a three week wait, which is what we were quoted by a London firm of valuers! We were introduced to Inngot via Finance Yorkshire, and after an initial very helpful conversation we parted with the princely sum of £300 and performed an IP valuation on their Sollomon tool. It gives an instant valuation range, which in our case, was accepted by the target as realistic and we completed our negotiations on this basis.”

Inngot CEO Martin Brassell, who recently co-authored the influential Banking on IP report for the UK Intellectual Property Office, commented: “Our valuation tool has now helped a vast range of companies quantify the value of their IP and intangibles. The £200m milestone is a reflection of the increasing interest in IP across a wide range of transactions; our indicative valuation provides the ideal ‘conversation starter”.

By UKBAA 05 Oct 2015