100% Funded: SyndicateRoom Introduces the Lift Round

Typically investment crowdfunding platforms vet the issuer and then list the offer on its site. The issuer pounds the pavement to enlist investors to raise the capital they need. This is no field of dreams and is a lot of work. While raising capital online is way more efficient than doing it on the golf-course, it is still a labor of love (and necessity). Some investment crowdfunding platforms marry big money with small. Pairing pros with retail types creates a higher level of confidence for small investors, as they know someone with experience has already completed a deep dive into the viability of the business. SyndicateRoom is one of these platforms. Every one of their listed offers is backed by an Angel investor that does this sort of thing all of the time. Today SyndicateRoom is taking this one step further and is offering small investors to participate in an equity round that is already 100% funded – and they are labeling it The Lift Round.

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