Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Funding Reaches Highest Ever Level

Official figures released by Government on 29 July 2015 show that small businesses raised £1.46 billion through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) in 2013/14, the highest ever annual amount through the scheme,

This is a 41% increase on 2012/13 when £1.03 billion was provided by investors.

The previous record was set in 2000/01 when £1.07 billion was raised through the EIS.

HMRC data shows that 2,710 small companies raised funds through EIS in 2013/14, up 10% from 2,465 firms in 2012/13.

Funds raised through the seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) also saw large increases, with participating firms raising £164million in 2013/14, up from £86 million in the previous year.

Participation in the SEIS also grew dramatically last year with 1,995 companies benefitting from the scheme in 2013/14, up from 1,155 in 2012/13 – an increase of 73%

Since the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) was launched in 1993-94, almost 22,900 individual companies have received investment through the scheme and over £12.2 billion of funds have been raised.
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By UKBAA 02 Sep 2015