Rockstar Hubs invest in Danccce.com

What appealed to you about Danccce, as an investment?
What always ex- cites us most about new companies are the ones who are genui- nely creating a unique solution to a problem. Danccce gives pro- fessional and would-be professional dancers the opportunity to make money online. Nickel has been a professional dancer for over 10 years so knows how difficult it is for professional dancers to get those gigs and create a living, he built this platform around knowing the problem of the dance industry worldwide and how to market the solution.

So tell us more about Danccce.com?
The platform lets Dancers upload unique footage of themselves either performing or teaching aspiring dancers. Users then pay to download and watch and learn. Danccce takes a % of each sale and the majority goes to the dancer. The team monitors qu- ality and provides useful tips and feedback to the users to ensure sales will take place. The other unique offering is the competitions the company runs. Members can upload their dance videos for free and try to win the competition. Whoever receives the most votes wins. This encourages our users to market and share their own performan- ces on all the relevant social channels, and the top 5 share a multi-thousand pound prize pot. Our last competition saw over 600,000 hits to the Danccce.com platform in under 4 weeks. Not bad exposure.

So in general, what is it you’re looking for in terms of investment opportunity?
Solutions to problems with some form of proof of concept. It’s that simple. We are open to all sectors and have listened to a lot of pitches here at the hub. Our ideal proof of concept though is actual clients and sales. They don’t have to be huge sales, or even profitable at present, but, like Nickel, we want to see business owners who have put their own money and hard work into the early stage of the business to show and prove to us they have created something that people actually want. Or ideally need.

How many investments are you planning to make over the next 12 months? Where is the money coming from?
Our goal is 10 – 15 investments over the next 12 months of bet- ween 100k – £400k. The money is from an investment fund owned and operated from the Rockstar Hub whose funds have been ra- ised predominantly from China. We have had a strong presence in China, and a number of investors who have invested in the fund to support growing businesses in the UK who could potentially do the same over there.

By lorna@3mil.co.uk 01 Sep 2015