Beef Digital, an innovative digital marketing agency, have successfully raised £50,000 of growth funding through Crowd2Fund, a full-≠‚Äêservice crowdfunding platform.

The agency, founded in 2013 by Matt Cooper, started by providing high-quality technical consulting services to creative and marketing agencies. The company has since grown to provide creative digital marketing support to leading consumer brands such as Vita Coco, and the leading UK youth charity, Ambition with the aim of fast growth in the consumer brand market.

Whilst Beef Digital is relatively young, it is fast growing company and is already profitable. The company is projecting over £1 million in turnover by 2017.
Beef Digital chose to seek new funds in order to accelerate this growth, and take advantage of the rapidly growing digital advertising market.
The company sought their funds through crowdfunding, and specifically Crowd2Fund, due to the platform providing marketing support as well as access to funds.

Matt Cooper says, “Traditional bank funding was not able to provide us with the support that we need. As well as allowing us access to finance, Crowd2Fund have provided us with marketing and business development resources which have allowed us to raise more awareness of who Beef Digital are and what we are doing.”

The money raised will be used to bolster the business development function in the business, by hiring a business development director and introducing an inbound marketing platform to facilitate growth.

The £50,000 raised was in the form of a revenue loan, and means that Beef Digital will not be tied to rigid monthly-≠‚Äêrepayments. Instead the repayments are based on the turnover of Beef Digital, with 12% of the company’s monthly revenues being used to pay down the loan.
Cooper says, “We chose to use the revenue loan as it means that payments are made in line with the success of our business. This is a very affordable and flexible financing option.

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By Crowd2Fund 09 Jun 2015