Shattering Stereotypes: Women in Entrepreneurship

UKBAA continues to support the issue of enabling more women entrepreneurs to access investment and specifically to encourage more women to become angel investors, following the findings of our recent “Nation of Angels” report that showed that only 14% of investors are women.

The new report commissioned by Barclays together with Centre for Entrepreneurs “Shattering Stereotypes” especially highlights the increasing interest in women to be entrepreneurs and the challenges facing women in setting up and growing a business, with only 19% of SMEs being led by women.

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The report also showed the significant appetite among women for taking risk, contrary to popular perception and which gives encouragement to the potential to identify more women prepared to consider angel investing.

We were delighted to hear that Angel Academe, our network member which seeks to invest in women in technology and has attracted a significant number of new women investors was highlighted in this weekend’s Sunday Times for its support of female–led e-commerce site “Buy My Wardrobe”, enabling women to sell their unwanted designer clothes on-line and which has also received backing from Carmen Busquet of Net-a-Porter.

By UKBAA 13 May 2015