Tech exits in Europe increase by 160%

Tech.eu M&A report – Q1 2015: The number of tech exits in Europe has increased by 160% year-over-year

Tech.eu took another deep dive into all the available data on European tech company exits during Q1 of 2015. We counted 140 deals, of which 134 were acquisitions.

That’s a rather whopping 61% rise in the total number of deals compared to Q4 2014. It gets even more impressive when you compare the number of European tech exits in the first quarter of the year to Q1 2014, when Tech.eu tracked only 54 M&A transactions and IPOs in total. That means the year-over-year increase in the number of deals is roughly 160%.

Notable buyers included Apple (Semetric), Microsoft (Equivio), Intuit (Porticor), PayPal (CyActive), Dropbox (CloudOn), Tencent (majority stake in Miniclip), Cheetah Mobile (MobPartner), Autodesk, (Modio) and ARM (Offspark), among others. The most active buyers were Rocket Internet (4 deals), ProSiebenSat.1 (3) and Intel (3).

Check out the report here and stay tuned for a more extensive report on all M&A transactions and IPOs for full-year 2014. Tell your friends etc.


By UKBAA 01 May 2015