Data Capture Solutions to achieve £400,000 in Equity Finance

Our client has developed innovative next generation data capture software that is greatly ahead of the competition and selling successfully in the Exhibition and Trade Fair markets. Automatically uploaded to the cloud, data is instantly available in real-time to the customer for use, with sophisticated reporting, analytics and integration to client CRM applications.

Developed over a number of years for a small number of prestigious car manufacturers, the software enables users to easily collect and share customer data across multiple sites and databases and to present relevant analysis to various disciplines. One customer was able to quadruple the number of warm leads it logged and converted at one show alone.

Our client realised that their products have a much larger potential market, but to access this they needed much greater resources than they would otherwise be able to deploy. They approached us for help to fund this growth through the sale of a substantial share of the business.

From an investor’s point of view, here was an established company, with a good team and a developed product line that was already selling in niche markets, on the brink of rapid expansion. All that was needed was capital and, crucially, a guiding hand.

We advised our client on what investors look for in a business and helped them to present their strengths and communicate the opportunity. We maintained their focus on the process of “selling their business”.

We began seeking an investor in early January and by mid-February they were in negotiations with the angel syndicate which made the investment in early April. Our client was initially seeking £250,000 for 25% of the equity. The investors felt that the company was underestimating its funding requirement and offered £400,000 for 43%, which the owners were happy to accept.

On first glance it did not appear to be the cheapest deal, but for the clients’ business, the long-term support these investors were able to offer and their understanding of the marketplace made it the best solution.

“B&Y were given a very tight schedule to introduce new capital to support our plans for rapid expansion. Not only did they complete their part of the bargain on time, the new investors put in more than we had initially asked for.”- PJ, Chairman, Data Capture Solutions

At B&Y we continue to be active across all markets from development capital for established firms, exceptional early stage businesses and of course, turnaround. We raise capital through our business angel network with investments ranging between £250,000 to £5million so please do feel free toget in touchto see how can help.