La Salle Education Limited completes EIS ROUND 3

La Salle Education Limited completes EIS ROUND 3 raising £620,000 for a total of
£1.5 million in SEIS/EIS funding to date.
London based La Salle Education, the education technology company, closed an EIS round for
£620,000 today. Investors in the round included existing shareholders and new shareholders
from London Business Angels (LBA), The LBA EIS RoundTable Syndicate Fund and the London
Co-Investment Fund (“LCIF”).
Anvil Partners LLP were lead investors for La Salle’s SEIS round in January 2014 and advisedand invested in La Salle’s subsequent EIS rounds.
La Salle’s technology platform, “Complete Mathematics”, supports teachers to achieve
meaningful improvements in pupils’ attainment in mathematics. It uniquely integrates the
provision of education materials with assessment tools to provide benchmarking and
improvement data on both the teaching and learning processes.
Mark McCourt CEO of La Salle said, “We are very pleased with the response to our fourth fund
raising round. It enables us to finish the development work on Complete Mathematics and to
engage in an intensive effort to roll it out to schools in advance of the next academic year.”
Anthony Clarke CEO of London Business Angels comments, “La Salle only presented at LBA
last month and we are pleased that we have been able to swiftly mobilize our in house EIS
Fund and our partners LCIF alongside a strong syndicate of LBA angel investors led by a sector
specific lead angel who has now joined the Board of La Salle in order to represent the interests
of all of the new money”.