Go Beyond Investors Back Otosense

The Go Beyond Investing (GBI) community has invested in OtoSense Inc, the innovative American start-up with a unique patented technology capable of identifying and naming the source of any sound.

“The investment is somewhat unusual for us because it is international in scope. Europeans do not usually invest in U.S early -stage companies,” says Bethann Kassman, the Deal Leader representing Go Beyond Investing. “However, our investors were impressed by the potential of this technology and wanted to participate in the company’s future growth.”

Otosense’s next generation acoustic recognition sound engine is able to describe environmental sounds, infer their sources, and deliver this information to smartphones and tablets. This technology is useful to those with hearing loss, surveillance companies, and the defense industry.

In the area of hearing loss, the Massachusetts-based company brings a solution to an important unmet need in providing a mobile application that allows the deaf and hard of hearing to become aware of environmental sounds, including such life-saving measures as standard fire and smoke alarm sounds found in the U.S. and Europe.

For surveillance companies, OtoSense has co-developed an “intelligent microphone,” which can detect and analyze sound. This device can be used to identify unusual sounds and activity. In the area of defense, OtoSense is working with the U.S. Department of Defense to develop a library of sounds, which can be helpful to them in various situations.

“GBI investors are excited by the wide applicability of the sound library,” Kassman says. “Smartphones and tablets become intelligent sound recognition devices, which subsequently lead to the creation of the largest sound database currently in existence and the first sound inferential engine, which also has industrial applications.”

About Go Beyond Investing:
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By Go Beyond Ltd 18 Feb 2015