Compare Investments Dot Guru Ltd’ SEIS Raise Fully Subscribed in 3 Days

VN-CP closed the CIDG raise at close of play on Friday the 9th of January following a tremendous response from investors.

Andrew Clark who heads up the CIDG management team said:

‘I am delighted with the reception that Compare Investments Dot Guru has received, not just from potential industry users but also High Net Worth Investors. The concept of a fixed low-price annual subscription for an ‘all you can eat’ information service is unique in the market, as is a directory of all current investable SEIS, EIS, BPR & VCT projects. CIDG is in fact the last piece of the puzzle for savvy and self advised investors interested in Government supported alternative investments’.

CIDG will will deliver completely objective scoring and reports on all Alternative Investments available in the marketplace today. Furthermore, users will be able to compare projects across a broad range of criteria, put together a personal or client portfolio and download the reports for due diligence purposes.

The portal is due to go live at the end of February 2015 in beta format and subscription will be available online via paypal or secure visa card services.

By UKBAA 10 Feb 2015