Green Angel Syndicate in new Earth Observation investment

Green Angel Syndicate completed its latest investment shortly before Christmas. GSi is an Edinburgh based company that has managed to take the noise and confusion away from satellite observations. By adding the big data element, GSi can now observe the planet more clearly and in new ways and on new scales.

GSi takes earth observations covering the entire surface of the planet at least twice per day, and then applies machine learning predictive analytics to produce new data of commercial significance. The company is currently monitoring timber volumes in North America and Scandinavia, it is working with the Australian Government to monitor soil carbon, and has conducted forest carbon projects in six continents.

GSi’s has the environment at its core but its technology can be applied to many different sectors and the company is already developing global crop yield predictions for over 120 different crops for the commodities market. GSi technology now produces accurate data thereby saving clients the costs associated with conducting ground surveys or paying for very high resolution imagery.

On 16th December, GSi closed its second round funding of £775,000 from Par Equity LLP, the Scottish Investment Bank, and the Green Angel Syndicate. Par Equity LLP, the Scottish Investment Bank provided £400k in the first round in February 2013.