China Beckons For Bookbarn

Bookbarn International (BBI) have recently completed their best ever day of trading.

This is due in no small part to several recently implemented key developments. Significantly increased traction on eBay has resulted in BBI increasing the number of titles available from 20,000 to 125,000. By the second day of trading on this platform, sales rose from 45 to 207 units per day with sales rocketing from £147 to £742.

Chinese sales also continue to grow, despite only 15,000 titles to date being approved through the Chinese partner’s vigorous vetting procedure. It is anticipated that within the next 3 months some 500,000 titles will be carried on the Chinese sites.

An agreement has now been finalised with Nielsen Bookdata to provide cover images and bibliographic metadata at a very competitive price. This in turn will boost company listings on non-Amazon sites like eBay, Play.com and Abebooks.

For more information, contact:

Richard Cleveley:richard.cleveley@ruffena.com

or Robin Hill:robin.hill@ruffena.com

By UKBAA 09 Dec 2014